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Frequência do processador
The speed that the microprocessor executes each instruction or each vibration of the clock. The CPU requires a fixed number of clock ticks, or cycles, to execute each instruction. The faster the clocks rate, the faster the CPU, or the faster it can execute instructions. Clock Speeds are usually determined in MHz, 1 MHz representing 1 million cycles per second, or in GHz, 1 GHz representing 1 thousand million cycles per second. The higher the CPU speed, the better a computer will perform.
2,3 GHz (1)
Memória interna
A computer's memory which is directly accessible to the CPU.
64 GB (1)
Suporte para RPS
Additional power supply which can run a computer if the main power supply fails.
Sim (1)
Memória interna máxima
The maximum internal memory which is available in the product.
768 GB (1)
Tipo de chassi
Lista dos tipos de estruturas disponiveis e a espandibilidade de cada unidade se applicavel 1 unidadet (1U) e 1.75 inches (4.45 cm).
Rack (2U) (1)
Certificação Energy Star
This indicates that the product is compliant with Energy Star, which is an international standard for energy-efficient consumer products.
Sim (1)
Tipo de memória interna
The type of internal memory such as RAM, GDDR5.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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